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Ford Smart Mobility is about people. It’s about helping people stay connected to their lives. Staying connected might mean finding a nearby restaurant while behind the wheel in an unfamiliar city, or using voice commands to control your favorite mobile app on the go. Or maybe it’s just a quick call to wish an old friend happy birthday. With SYNC and Ford AppLink, you’re more connected than ever before. Ford Smart Mobility is about finding new ways to get around. The world is becoming more crowded and old models of transportation are increasingly outdated. Getting around today means more than just personal car ownership: from ride-hailing apps to car-sharing programs, people today are rethinking what it means to own a car. Cities are becoming larger and public transportation is becoming more connected than ever before, and new mobility solutions are needed to make getting around convenient and sustainable for the future. Ford Smart Mobility is about changing the way the world moves, again. We’ve come a long way from the Model T, with semi-autonomous features available in Ford vehicles all over the world. And fully-autonomous vehicles are closer than you think: Ford will have the largest autonomous vehicle test fleet of any automaker this year. Ford recently initiated the first autonomous tests in snowy conditions, and is running tests in…

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3D Printing Is Redefining Vehicle Prototype Designs and Testing

3D Printing Is Redefining Vehicle Prototype Designs and Testing

Ford leverages 3D printing to design digital prototypes and test them physically for a fraction of the time and cost it took before. Find out how Ford is leveraging 3D printing to drive greater creativity and pushing the boundaries of vehicle design with assured quality.