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The Spy Who Drove Me

As the world goes crazy for the new Bond movie – Spectre — we take a look back at some of our favorite Ford cameos alongside 007.

Dr. No


The Ford Anglia was the first vehicle to feature in a James Bond film. During the opening scenes of “Dr. No” a British intelligence chief called Strangways is ambushed and killed while getting in to his Anglia 105E.



A Lincoln Continental (Lincoln is a Ford-owned brand in the U.S.) proved to be the final resting place for uncooperative gangster, Mr. Solo, after he refuses to join Goldfinger’s dastardly Operation Grand Slam. Solo and the car are crushed at a scrap yard by henchman, Oddjob.


In another stand out car chase, vengeful Tilly Masterton is forced off the road in her 1964 Ford Mustang convertible after taking a pot shot at Bond on the glorious Furka Pass, in Switzerland. A classic Bond gadget moment, the Mustang is disabled by 007’s scythed chariot-style wheels.



True to the film’s title, SPECTRE agent Count Lippe goes up in a thunderball when his Ford Fairlane Skyliner is blown up by villainess Fiona Volpe using rocket launchers mounted on her BSA motorbike. The scene was filmed at Silverstone race track in the U.K.

On Her Majesty’s Secret Service


A Mercury Cougar XR7 Convertible (another Ford-owned U.S. brand at the time) was the star of another memorable Bond car chase. While trying to escape Blofeld’s henchmen, Bond stumbles upon an ice-track race, and sets about destroying a collection of Mk1 Ford Escorts.

Diamonds Are Forever


One of the most famous Bond car chases of all time sees 007 chased around Las Vegas in a Ford Mustang Mach 1. In a classic movie-mistake, Bond balances the Mustang on two wheels to drive into a narrow alley and mysteriously exits on the opposite set of wheels.

The Spy Who Loved Me


Infamous baddie Jaws and some henchmen use a Ford Taurus (Cortina in the U.K.) to pursue Bond when he sprays their windscreen with paint. The driver loses control and the car careers off a mountainside and through a barn. Jaws, as ever, walks away unscathed.

Tomorrow Never Dies


This famous scene provides a modern twist to the traditional car chase, as Bond drives his car by remote control from the back seat while being chased by some baddies in a Ford Scorpio.

Die Another Day


The Ford Thunderbird driven by Giacinta “Jinx” Johnson in “Die Another Day” was released as a limited edition 007 model in the U.S.


What does Bond drive when he’s not involved in an insane car chase? We get a clue in ‘Casino Royale’, when he chooses a Ford Mondeo to travel from a Miami-moored yacht to The Ocean Club for some recreational spying.