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Freebies: Mustang Wallpapers

The iconic pony car is set to dominate world streets in 2015 and lift the bar up, higher than ever before, in performance, looks and style. In that spirit, here’s a little something for you Mustang fans! Download the wallpapers below & set yourself up for compliments, look backs and appreciation from your mates. Download the wallpaper above for your laptop/desktop. Download the wallpaper above for your laptop/desktop. Download the wallpaper above for your laptop/desktop. Download the wallpaper above for your laptop/desktop. Download the wallpaper above for your iPhone/Android.  

How Your Ford Can Enable the Perfect Valentine’s Day!

Valentine’s Day can be stressful – there’s a lot to prepare to set the right tone and get through the day’s celebrations without a hitch. Ford cars can help you plan the perfect Valentine’s Day, from setting the mood with colorful Ambient Lighting to finding the nearest flower shop on the way home from work. Don’t be late for your date! Start your date off on the right foot with a prompt arrival. Don’t keep your loved one waiting or hungry on this special day! Set the tone There’s nothing like a love song to set the right tone for your Valentine’s Day plans, and SYNC’s Bluetooth streaming capabilities makes it easy. Prepare your favorite tunes ahead of time, then pick up your valentine and sweep them off their feet with the perfect romantic playlist. Light up the night Surround yourself with light to match your mood – with Ford Ambient Lighting, you can choose from seven different colors to light up your cup holders, front and rear foot-wells, console, storage bins, map pockets and front door handles. We recommend red for your Valentine festivities. Park like a pro No one wants to look silly while parallel parking – with Ford’s Active Park Assist, you’ll be able to back into that space effortlessly, while impressing your date with your smooth…

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7 Car Quirks That Are Becoming a Thing of the Past

Not so long ago, driving a car meant dealing with low-tech frustrations: radio with static noise, complicated fold-out maps and windows that took forever to roll down. But modern technology has ensured these annoyances are quickly becoming a distant memory. Aren’t you glad you don’t have to deal with these anymore? 1. Fiddling with the aerial to get some tunes 2. Just keep turning, turning, turning… 3. Folding a map back into its original state 4. Trying to convince your car to start 5. Not knowing when you’ll run out of gas 6. Manually scraping your windshield on cold mornings 7. Looking all over for a phone booth Featured photo via

The World’s Craziest Parking Fails

Anyone who’s been behind the wheel has seen their fair share of bad parking, from cars hogging two spaces to blocking everyone in. We think we’ve found some of the craziest parking in Asia Pacific – what do you think?