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Our beloved Santa has an extraordinary job. A job that demands him to travel across the world and tackle varied terrains to spread holiday cheer to his beloved folks! That’s why we think he deserves to swap his sleigh with a vehicle that’s been #EngineeredForExtraordinary…the all-new Ford Endeavour. Here’s why the soon-to-be-launched SUV from Ford can prove to be his perfect companion.

xmas Endeavour-1

Reason #1: This time of the year has traditionally been hard work for Rudolf and his pals as they drive Santa around the world in his sleigh. This year, Santa can extend the holiday cheer to his favourite Rudolf and his trusted companions as well. Instead, the all-new Ford Endeavour with a towing capacity of 3,000 kg, can pull the reindeers for a change.

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Reason #2: No more wasted hours digging sleigh runners out of the sand! With its smart Terrain Management System, the all-new Ford Endeavour can go anywhere, from the picturesque beaches of Kerala, to the sandy dunes of Rajasthan and the rugged and rocky Himalayas.

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Reason #3: On the varied rooftop terrain of cities around the country and the globe, a 29-degree approach angle and 25-degree departure angle make navigating to chimneys a breeze.

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Reason #4: Through sharp jungle rivers and across crystal-clear Himalayan streams, the all-new Ford Endeavour can wade through water up to 800 mm deep.

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Reason #5: Presents? No problem. Fold the rear seats down for up to 2,010 liters of cargo space. Or fill the seats with friends, elves and family members and still pack in up to 750 kg of holiday goodies. Still not enough? The all-new Ford Endeavour can carry up to 100 kg on its roof.

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Happy holidays from everyone at Ford!