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Start Your Year Right with a New and Improved Commute

Drivers in Asia Pacific spend a huge amount of time in their cars – many see upwards of 1,000 hours behind the wheel every year! Drivers in India spend the most time commuting, with almost 50% of commuters spending at least 12 hours in their cars every week. That’s over 600 hours every year – imagine what you could do with that much free time.

At Ford, we believe this time can be productive and comfortable. Why not use 2015 as the year you finally learn a new language, listen to those books you never find time to read, or stay in touch with family and friends? Ford vehicles help you make the most of your valuable time.

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Listen to audio books

Everyone has books they never get around to reading – why not cross some off your list by listening to audio books on the road? SYNC’s Bluetooth streaming feature can help immerse commuters in whatever story they choose.

Catch up on the news

Sick of the same old pop songs? Flip the station using SYNC voice commands and stay on top of what’s happening outside of your car by listening to the news.

Smart Commuter-PH

Expand your horizons

There are thousands of lectures and language courses available online – download them onto your mobile device and stream them on the go with SYNC. Why not use your commute to learn something new?

Have a backup plan

It’s easy to get stuck in a routine, but traffic is unpredictable – make sure you’re prepared with alternative routes in the event that accidents, inclement weather or other factors cause delays on your normal route.

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Make your car your haven

Can’t hear your own thoughts? The winning combination of Active Noise Cancellation – which uses technology similar to noise-cancelling headphones – and your favorite music will calm even the most stressed commuter.

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Keep in touch with your family and friends

Sometimes it can feel like there’s never enough time to check in with family and friends. Use SYNC to pair your phone with the car’s voice control system and make calls hands-free, and catch up with loved ones you haven’t talked to recently.

Ensure maximum comfort

It’s important to stay comfortable on the road. Ford tests their vehicles in all kinds of extremes – from the hottest reaches of the Australian outback to the frozen tundra of northern Canada – to make sure that drivers and passengers are comfortable in any environment. The Ford EcoSport’s climate control system can reduce interior temperatures from a scorching 70 degrees Celsius to below 30 degrees in just 10 minutes!


Sick of the radio, music and talking to yourself? Team up with friends, colleagues or neighbors to share the cost of driving, reduce emissions and enjoy the company of others.

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