Ford’s Sustainable Materials


Ford is committed to sustainability. Recently ranked as the world's top  Global Green Brand, the automotive company prides itself on its forward-thinking approach to environmental responsibility and sustainable manufacturing.

Over the past decade, the use of recycled and renewable materials in Ford's vehicles has become the new standard. In an effort to reduce waste-to-landfill, Ford takes disposed objects and up-cycles them into usable materials. Plastic bottles get turned into seat fabrics, jeans get transformed into hood insulation, and wheat straw is made into storage bins. This not only helps the environment, but reduces vehicle weight to increase fuel efficiency and reduce everyone's carbon footprints. To see exactly what goes into Ford's vehicles, watch this video below.

Sustainable materials are only one piece of Ford’s holistic approach to sustainability. Energy conservation, waste reduction, CO2 emissions and water conservation are also top priorities. From building greener products to adopting cleaner operations, Ford continues to show a commitment to reducing its impact on the environment while supporting initiatives that signifcantly contribute to a better world. 

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