Design Challenge




Ford is teaming up with Redress to host The Redress Forum: Ford Design Challenge at The EcoChic Design Award in Hong Kong. The sponsored challenge – which will take place in January 2016 – will invite the ten finalists of The EcoChic Design Award 2015/16 to create high fashion outfits using only Ford's sustainable seat fabrics. The design challenge is an opportunity for the finalists of the awards to truly shine. Using Ford's sustainable materials, and working in pairs, the finalists will need to create an outfit that would garner an accolade at HK Fashion Week.

During the challenge, the emerging fashion designers will also get a chance to meet with industry thought leaders – including some of Ford's sustainable material experts – to learn more about sustainable design and its environmental impact. A panel of judges selected by Ford and Redress will review the designs, and the winners of the challenge will be eligible to win a HK$10,000 bonus to support their career development. All of the fnal designs will also be shown on the runway at Hong Kong Fashion Week.

At last year’s event, Veronica Lee from Malaysia and Amandah Andersson from Sweden were selected as the winners of the Ford Design Challenge. The winning piece, created entirely from an earthy color palette of Ford seat fabrics, was inspired by the bamboo scaffolding at the Hong Kong Legislative Council building. The award-winning, architecturally inspired outfit was handcrafted in just under three hours. See a full gallery of last year’s event below.


The EcoChic Design Award is a sustainable fashion design competition inspiring emerging fashion designers and students to create high appeal clothing with minimal textile waste. Designers are educated with the theory and techniques to enable them to create sustainable clothing via zero-waste, up-cycling and reconstruction. The competition puts emerging sustainable design talent in the spotlight, creating a platform for the next generation of designers to cut waste out of fashion. The inaugural The EcoChic Design Award was launched in Hong Kong in 2011. To find out more, visit



Redress is an established NGO dedicated to promoting environmental sustainability in the fashion industry. For this project, Ford and Redress come together with a shared mission: to reduce waste, spread awareness about the sourcing and use of sustainable materials, and encourage individuals and businesses to keep sustainability at the heart of what they do, be it in the design and manufacture of vehicles or in fashion. To find out more, visit