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High-Altitude Torture Test: In A Ford Everest To The Everest!

This is possibly the world’s highest hyperlapse from the Mount Everest Base Camp. We go further to put our cars to the test, so you can. DON'T WATCH THIS if you have an aversion to heights, #hyperlapse or making history. Just know you'll miss the all new #Ford #Everest prototype if you scroll by. *Vehicle not sold in the United States. A video posted by Ford Motor Company (@ford) on Sep 9, 2014 at 6:00am PDT

Ford EcoBoost Engine Technology

Ford’s EcoBoost Engine Technology delivers all the power of a bigger petrol engine and the fuel economy of a smaller one, We changed the engine of a Formula Ford with a EcoBoost Engine and tested it on an F1 circuit, and the result was breath-taking — we created a record! Find out more: