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Ford EcoBoost: Small but Mighty

Ford Motor Company has teamed up with five emerging filmmakers from around the world to create a series of entertaining short films that celebrate the theme of Small but Mighty. Inspired by Ford’s award-winning range of EcoBoost engines, the shorts showcase small acts and ideas that pack a mighty punch.

Ten Tech Items that Have Become Smaller, but Mightier

Over the past century, technology has come a long way. We’ve seen computers go from the size of a house, to the size of our palm. Tech pieces continue to get smaller, but they also get mightier. Travel through time with us as we take a look at some then and now comparisons – you’ll be surprised at just how far we’ve come.

Recycling Never Looked This Good

Ford understands that environmental sustainability depends on creative design and imagination, whether building award winning engines like the EcoBoost or using sustainable materials like recycled plastic bottles into seat fabric. That’s why Ford hosted the Redress Forum 2015: Ford Design Challenge on January 19th 2015 — an event where emerging fashion designers and thought leaders met with Ford materials experts to work with sustainable materials and discuss the future of sustainability in the fashion and automotive industries. The day included a discussion on the future of sustainability. Emily Lai, manager, Color and Materials Design, Ford Asia Pacific, judged the event and shared Ford’s design strategy – which ensures a holistic approach to driving sustainability. She mentioned that throughout its products, Ford uses 41 seat fabrics with recycled contents such as plastic bottles and denim. Christina Dean, founder and CEO of Ford’s partner organization Redress, emphasized that the fashion industry’s design choices impact the environment. She underscored that we don’t realize elements like transportation impact the carbon footprint of the clothes we buy. She further explained that a lightweight fabric such as polyester can be more environmentally friendly than materials such as cotton. After an inspiration trip through the streets of Hong Kong, five teams of designers spent three hours crafting original pieces of fashion from sustainable Ford seat materials, to prove…

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