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11 Car Quirks That Are Becoming a Thing of the Past

Not so long ago, driving a car meant dealing with low-tech frustrations: radio with static noise, complicated fold-out maps and windows that took forever to roll down. But modern technology has ensured these annoyances are quickly becoming a distant memory. Aren’t you glad you don’t have to deal with these anymore? 1. Fiddling with the aerial to get some tunes 2. Just keep turning, turning, turning… 3. Folding a map back into its original state 4. Trying to convince your car to start 5. Not knowing when you’ll run out of gas 6. Sore arms from cranking down windows all day, every day 7. Being blinded by rogue high beams 8. Parking miles away to avoid a closer parallel park job 9. Manually scraping your windshield on cold mornings 10. Rummaging through your bag to find your keys 11. Looking all over for a phone booth Featured photo via

The World’s Craziest Parking Fails

Anyone who’s been behind the wheel has seen their fair share of bad parking, from cars hogging two spaces to blocking everyone in. We think we’ve found some of the craziest parking in Asia Pacific – what do you think?

Creating Virtual Factories

Find out how Ford is using advanced 3D technology to re-arrange and optimize its assembly lines virtually, leading to both improved production efficiency, and worker health and safety.