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Ford Motor Company presents a series of entertaining short films that celebrate the theme of Small but Mighty, inspired by Ford’s much-celebrated range of EcoBoost engines.

The shorts, created by five emerging filmmakers from around the world – including Australian Ellenor Argyropoulos – celebrate small acts and ideas that pack a mighty punch. The Small But Mighty campaign demonstrates Ford’s commitment to game-changing innovation, like EcoBoost, and its investment in Australian talent like Argyropoulos.

“Ford supports innovation in many different forms,” said Graeme Whickman, President and CEO Ford Australia.

“From our $300 million local investment in R&D for vehicle innovation, to supporting emerging filmmakers to create compelling short films, Ford is proud to be involved,” he said.

Ford’s EcoBoost engines deliver great power, use less fuel and generate fewer emissions compared with larger-displacement naturally aspirated engines.

Filmmakers took up the challenge to craft short films that capture the spirit of what the engine range is all about, and demonstrate a moment in life, a person or an idea that is Small but Mighty.

From a man with incredibly strong super hero-like arms, to a young boy who dominates the soccer field; from a super granny, to a couple who are inspired by little moments that shape the mighty world – the short films explore a variety of subjects, but at their core the compelling innovation message of Small but Mighty shines through.

To see the filmmakers’ take on what they believe to be Small but Mighty, watch all five films below.