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Easy to Implement Driving Tips for Staying Safe this Holiday Season

The festive holiday season is just around the corner. Roads are expected to be busier than ever as millions of people return home for a break from their busy work lives and spend some quality time with their loved ones.

This is also a time when drivers need to be extra careful, as there is often a significant spike in road traffic and a higher likelihood of accidents and fatalities. To help you arrive safely to your loved ones, here are five easy to implement tips for your drive back home.

A little preparation can go a long way

Before you embark on your journey, you can do some basic checks to ensure your vehicle is ready for the long drive. Make sure that oil levels, wiper fluids and tire pressure are at an optimum level.

If you are travelling with children, ensure they are fully buckled up and always use an appropriately-sized child safety seat.

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Planning your trip in advance is half the battle

Leave early and account for possible delays. Delays are the one thing you can count on when driving long distances during the holidays. Building in extra time before your journey can help you stay relaxed on the drive, and can allow you to take frequent breaks along the way. The shortest route isn’t always the fastest or the best route. Planning ahead can help you avoid roads that are prone to congestion during peak hours.


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Pack Smart

Make sure you carry enough water, food, basic medical supplies, and toiletries. It can be a good idea to carry your favorite music and some games and toys for kids.

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Drive to your strengths

Driving long distances can be tiring. Taking regular breaks and dividing the driving time can help you get back home smoothly. Play to your strengths – know who does what well, and divide up jobs by skills and preference.


Stay calm and drive on

Remember, like you, everyone else is also just trying to get home to their loved ones. When frustration arises, take a step back, remember the festivities ahead, stay calm and drive on!

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We wish you a safe trip home. Happy holidays!