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Pothole pain points

Potholes are a pain. Check out the six potential problem spots on your vehicle and how to deal with them.

1. Tires and Wheels:

Check for low pressure as well as for cuts or gashes in the tire. Inspect rims for cracks in the finish, which may indicate a bent wheel.

2. Wheel and Tire Balance:

Wheels that have been knocked off-balance can cause vibrations or shaking while driving. This can affect handling, stress your car’s suspension, and increase fuel consumption and wear on tires.

3. Steering Alignment:

Signs of misalignment include having to hold the steering wheel at an angle in order for your vehicle to go straight, pulling to one side, and uneven or accelerated tire wear and tear.

4. Suspension Components:


Suspension damage can cause losseners or clunking in the steering, poor alignment and difficulty straightening out after a turn. Your vehicle may also begin to sway or rock, bounce or bottom out, and may require more effort when steering.

5. Exhaust System:

New, strange or loud noises emanating from your exhaust system can indicate a leak or other signs of impact.

6. Under Carriage:

Oil or coolant leaks under the vehicle can also be telltale signs of pothole damage.

Now, what can you do?

Inspect your car for any of the above indicators, and visit a Ford Service Centre for any checks necessary.