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11 Car Quirks That Are Becoming a Thing of the Past

Not so long ago, driving a car meant dealing with low-tech frustrations: radio with static noise, complicated fold-out maps and windows that took forever to roll down. But modern technology has ensured these annoyances are quickly becoming a distant memory. Aren’t you glad you don’t have to deal with these anymore?

1. Fiddling with the aerial to get some tunes


2. Just keep turning, turning, turning…


3. Folding a map back into its original statemap

4. Trying to convince your car to startchoke

5. Not knowing when you’ll run out of gasshutterstock_169533083

6. Sore arms from cranking down windows all day, every day


7. Being blinded by rogue high beams

Blinded by the light

8. Parking miles away to avoid a closer parallel park job


9. Manually scraping your windshield on cold mornings


10. Rummaging through your bag to find your keysKeys_2-SML

11. Looking all over for a phone booth


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